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Welcome to the Fairy Adoption Center.If you decide to adopt any of these little creatures, take care; they are very special and should go only to those who believe!
To put the fairy you wish to adopt on your hard drive, just right click on the fairy and click save picture as. I would ask that you please link your fairy back to this page, so that she might find her way back home is she feels homesick. This will also help other fairies to become adopted so others will believe in their existence.

Where do you and your fairy friends live? Please let us know by putting a pin on the map.
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Although this little fairy's wings have many colors of the rainbow, she loves pink and can't resist peeking
into the world of little human girls.
(She particularly enjoys watching little girls dance!)
This fairy has been known to watch over those who wander into the forest.
She lives among the trees, and is friend to all the forest creatures.
This little fairy loves flowers! She spends most of her days going from flower garden to flower garden, smelling their sweet fragrance while tending to them as they grow.
This young fairy is most at home in the snow. She enjoys watching humans make snowmen and snow fairies.(Shhh...she doesn't know they're really snow angels).
This cute baby fairy see the world as sparkly and new. She loves bright colors; the way prisms make colors on the walls, the way crystals bring bright colors into her world. She even enjoys looking for shinning pennies.
Fairy Adoptions Page 1~~Fairy Adoptions Page 2
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