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Forest fairies dwell in forest and are born with the knowledge of ancient forest. They are proud, elegant, and on the serious side for a fairy.

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Forest Fairy houses are considered the property of all and therefore are used freely by all types of fairies as they travel within forest. Hawthorn trees are especially dear to fairies.

Forest Fairies heal trees that have been damaged by storms, infestations or harmful insects. They are born with the knowledge of ancient forests

They are proud, elegant, are on the serious side.

Forest fairies: corrigans,dryads, oakman, sidhe draoi

Some water fairy names:

Brucie - of French origin, meaning Forest Sprite

Rusalka - of Czech origin, meaning Mermaid/Wood sprite

Foster - of Latin origin, Forest Guardian

Warren - of Old German, Middle English,Teutonic, French origin, meaning watchman, game keeper, enclosure, from La Varenne

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